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OK so I  missed my cut off from my last post to start blogging again, but SHOOOOOOCKING things didn’t go as planned or for once in our favor..it’s cool, like we’d catch a break. ANYWAYS…I need to blog this crap.


God damn…I did this today for like 14 minutes and could have easily died/fell off the treadmill twice.  Basically (or at least what I did) you sprint at 90% for 60 seconds, then jog at 50-55% for 90 seconds…Wowzers.

So for me I sprinted at 8.7 and then jogged at 5.7…

Interval One– Piece.Of .Cake
Interval Two– “Yikes, time to sprint again??”
Interval Three– “Woah that was a quick 60 seconds/jog-DAMN IT”
Interval Four-“Damn feet don’t fail me now!”
Interval Five– “Yes it still counts if you hold on to the treadmill”
Interval Six– “Jesus, I’m jogging and my HR is at 175!!..fuuuuu*k”
Interval Seven– “Damn, so sweaty please don’t slip Jen”

I had to stop there and just ran a cool down mile..embarrassingly Interval Six and Seven MAY have  had me jogging at 70secs..but honestly I did sprint every time for the 90 seconds it’s just the recovery that gets ya!  Which shocked me. I’ve always prided myself in the ability to get my heart rate so low and recover so fast well-H.I.I.T definitely sparked it’s interest-and got me to burn 524 calories in 30 minutes…SCORE!

We shall see how long I stick with this…I do kind of want to do it again, today.

Heres more info:  H.I.I.T

Thanks a$$hole for the idea.  Stop laughing at me. 😦

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